If you were handed the controls to a satellite, what would you do? Track meteors? Photograph hurricanes? For as low as $125, not-for-profit startup ArduSat will put anyone behind the controls of its miniature satellites to pursue any project they can dream up. The same team has since launched a parent company, NanoSatisfi, that brings space-based data to enterprise clients using the same satellites.

Three and a half weeks before it launches its first satellites, NanoSatisfi announced today that it has picked up $300,000 in additional funding from personal robotics investment company Grishin Robotics. The money will go toward hiring employees in hopes of bringing on “exceptional talent on board now rather than later,” according to CEO Peter Platzer.

Unlike most emerging commercial satellite companies, NanoSatisfi is not focused on taking images of the Earth. Platzer said the 4-inch-wide cubes are equipped with a camera, but they are better…

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