For the last year Sprint(s s) has been assembling a team of impressive technology partners to help build its Velocity connected car platform, but starting Wednesday it’s bringing in a ringer. IBM(s ibm) is working with Sprint to build a suite of cloud-powered services linking the smartphone and automobile together.

Sprint is tapping into a technology called MessageSight emerging from IBM’s new Mobile First strategy. MessageSight functions as a management system for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, coordinating data from any number of sensors, devices and appliances so they can be used to create interlinked services and applications. In Sprint’s case, it’s using MessageSight to power several telematics apps that can be accessed from a smartphone.

As with other vehicle telematics platform, Velocity can turn a smartphone into a remote control that could, for instance, remotely unlock a car’s doors or start its engine. But IBM and Sprint are building…

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