If there’s one person who’s nailed the art of Kickstarter-driven hardware production, it’s Scott Wilson. The designer’s MNML studio had considerable success with the crowdfunding site, which helped launch his Lunatik iPod nano watch bands, a stylus called the Touch Pen, and now the Taktik heavy-duty protective iPhone case. The last is just making its way out to market (for iPhone 4/4S – iPhone 5 coming soon), and I’ve been provided with a review unit to take for a test drive.

Short Version

The Taktik is a beast, and with its beastliness comes significant added size for your iPhone. But its purpose is to protect, and in that regard, it does a very good job, even optionally adding an extra layer of Corning’s Gorilla Glass into the mix. It also has high water resistance, but don’t go dunking your phone like you might with the Lifeproof.


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