Barnes & Noble (s bks)’s two new Android (s GOOG) Wi-Fi tablets, the 7-inch Nook HD and 9-inch Nook HD+, aim to compete with other moderately priced tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire(s amzn) and Google’s Nexus 7. But the new Nook tablets, starting at $199 and available in October, differentiate themselves most from competitors when it comes to some new reading and discoverability features.

“We’re Barnes & Noble and books is one of our main categories,” Theresa Horner, B&N’s VP of digital content, said at a briefing Tuesday. I’d say it’s the main category, but either way, the company is using reading and recommendations as a selling point for the new tablets.

“You have an iPad, I have one”

Barnes & Noble is in a weird position because it’s not the iPad(S AAPL) or the Kindle Fire. “You have an iPad, I have one,” said John Basanese, director of software…

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